Hard Work Pays Off

On the evening of November 7th Brandon Danker of BuckVentures was able to bag a big mature Iowa 10 point with his bow with us at Tails of the Hunt. This was a buck that was earned from hunting smart and hunting hard.

Brandon had been hunting hard for about a week and the story of the week was the wind. Swirling winds, variable winds, and winds coming from all directions made it a constant battle to get the perfect set up on a mature buck. Having Brandon and the BuckVenture guys in camp really made me concentrate on the concept of paying close attention to the wind and having multiple set ups already in place for all different winds. This is where summer preparation and planning is key to organizing a successful hunt in the fall.

Brandon had seen the buck he killed two times prior to killing it on this farm but he knew he could only hunt that stand when the wind was perfect. I do believe that this was key to his success in killing his buck. He was looking over a picked corn field and the best shot that presented itself was from 55 yards, quartering away. At first reaction Brandon thought he hit the buck to far back so we backed out and waited til morning to go look (any hunter who has had to do this knows how hard this is to do).

The morning came and we slowly started walking to where Brandon had seen the buck in the corn field. On the walk in we spooked two 160″+ bucks with does in the draw close to the same stand Brandon had just shot his buck the night before. We walked just a little bit further and piled up in the corn field, right before the timber, lay Brandon’s buck.

There is no greater feeling than that sense of accomplishment that Brandon had at that moment in life. Being able to be a part of that hunt and living the hunt vicariously through Brandon was incredibly rewarding for me as well. He made a perfect shot and the arrow went in right behind the ribs and passed through the vitals and was poking out on the opposite side right behind the shoulder. It was an old mature 10 pt that will score in the mid 150’s and a true trophy for any hunter.

As I write this blog there is a big storm front passing through today and the temperatures are dropping rapidly. With it being the perfect time of year for the rut and the big swing in the weather, I am confident that hunters all over the Midwest will be seeing big bucks all day long.

Also, on this Sunday of November, 11th, it is more than just the second day of rifle season here in Missouri, today is Veteran’s day. I truly am proud to be an American. All of the members of our great military of the United States of America that are deployed and away from their family friends will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Veterans Day and stay safe out there everyone.

Tails of the Hunt and BuckVentures Brandon Danker

BuckVentures, Brandon Danker and his monster 10 pt in Iowa.