Harvest Season

Being a farmer, I’m starting to make my transition from the combine seat to the treestand.  Due to being busy with harvest I haven’t got to hunt much yet, but I have made it out a couple times so far.  During harvest I do feel like I’m on a constant scouting mission looking for big bucks.  I did manage to find the deer with the combine, but no big bucks.  Kinda depressing because usually I do find one good one. I have concluded that the dry weather has pushed most of the deer to places that have more water.  On a better note, the ground I hunt more is farther south in Iowa and I have had some luck there.  The three times I have been out I have seen three 120 inch bucks.  Nothing huge, but still gets the blood boiling watching them at 20 yards!  I have pictures of some very nice bucks this year, and I can not wait for one of them to get in bow range! Hopefully I can get the job done with my Elite Pure!
Shoot straight
Austin Brandhof