As I sit in line to do my duty voting today, I had more important things on my mind then who to vote for. I got buck fever last night when a small buck walked through my yard.  Last day to work and I’m heading west with my buddies to do some Hide-a-bow hunting.  In Kansas we have a lot of walk-in hunting. What I like to do is travel from one walk-in to the next, and when I find a place that looks good or even has a nice buck roaming around I’ll move in and set up using the wind first and terrain second.  I like to use Hide-a-bow with camo. It works ANYWHERE AND ANYPLACE ANYTIME.   No need for stand placements just play the wind and your ready to go!   I’ll keep you all updated on how it’s going for the hide-a-bow gang.  It should be good.  Real Good matter of fact. Monster mulies here we come!!!
By Doug Niemackl, Hide-a-bow