Highs and Lows to the Ultimate High!

Bow season 2010 was the best and worst season I have had to date, I truly experienced the Highs and Lows of hunting. I went into the season in hopes of seeing a true giant.  “Lucky” was his name he earned that name from the previous season, I had taken a shot and missed earning him the name Lucky.

Justin and I back packed stands in one evening in a new spot on the farm. We got set up and it did not take long for the deer to start to move. I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye, I quickly grabbed the Nikons and glassed the deer, it was a buck and he was rubbing a tree. He picked his massive head up an I knew exactly who it was Lucky, my heart was pounding out of my chest. With a doe in the area he was following her around, checking and making scrapes it was the most incredible thing I have ever seen in the woods.

From this day forward I knew I would chase Lucky my entire bow season, passing anything that came in front of me. I would go on through November chasing Lucky, seeing him on a regular bases I just couldn’t seem to close the distance. Finally one morning as Justin and I where packing up the camera gear I saw a buck coming across the open field, we quickly got ready for action as it just so happen to be Lucky. Lucky was coming in on a string, Justin and I were planning where to take the shot. We got mixed up with each other and Lucky had stopped in front of me at thirty yards looking away from me, Justin wasn’t quite on him with the camera. I let the deer walk another ten yards then stopped him. I drew my bow thinking here we go this is it here’s my chance! I squeezed off the trigger of my Scott release, there went the arrow only to hit a limb I did not see and missed Lucky once again, I was at a major low. I went on to see Lucky nine more times that season just never got close enough for a shot.

Shed season rolled around and I quickly jumped at the opportunity to get out shed hunting. I had my cameras up watching where the deer where traveling but no pictures of Lucky. I started to question myself if this farm was his home or he was rutting here? I searched the farm and the surrounding farms high and low on my hands and knees! Just trying to find Lucky’s sheds I came up empty. Summer rolled around and I loaded the farm up with more trail camera’s in search of Lucky and still no sign. I wrote it off to the deer being dead and gone, I buried the hatchet so to speak.

2012 summer rolls around and I was doing some scouting with Aaron Volkmar from Tails Of The Hunt Outfitters one evening. We discussed deer all night long and I told him about Lucky I explained the deer to him. Later that night I dropped him off at his truck, he asked me about Lucky again I remembered I had a picture on my phone so I showed him. Aaron says “that’s a nice buck, later saying let me see that picture again”. Aaron says to me “I know where that deer is”. I was in shock, I had to see it in real life. I asked Aaron to show me, Aaron says to me “I had found it shed hunting the 2010 season and that he would give it to me since I had the history with the deer”.

A few weeks later Aaron calls me and says “come down to the lodge and pick Lucky up”. I can promise you it did not take me long to get my shoes on, and I was running out the door. I got to the lodge and walked inside there was Lucky laying on he floor I was speechless I never thought I would see Lucky again. Lucky was a giant gross scoring at 216 and some change this is what Aaron measured him at. I could not thank aaron enough for what he did that took alot to give something up so incredible.  I was at a ultimate high I couldn’t believe finally after two years I’m bringing Lucky home!

Lucky, now is hanging on my new Skull Hooker and he looks amazing!  Check out the Skull Hookers right here on the Deer and Deer Hunting Store!


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