With the outbreak of EHD in my area I was really starting to wonder if some of my bucks from August had taken an unlucky turn. I stopped by the farm earlier this week and checked for good deer sign, and with the fresh rain we received I was able to check new tracks.

I am finally starting to get some bucks visiting the mock scrapes I put out a few weeks back, but still no rubs appearing on the farm. Lots of work and construction has taken place on the farm lately. Rural water was just run through the farm this summer and added work was done this week. This really doesn’t help the deer movement at all, but I did catch a glimpse of the No. 1 buck on my hit list. Although it was a picture with some motion the drop tine off his right main beam wasn’t hard to miss. This weekend the decoy and I will be headed to the stand.

This is a picture of the buck I now call Captain Hook. This was in 2011 the buck was a main frame 8-point with two small drop tines off both main beams. In this picture his left has been knocked off. Last year on Jan. 10 I made the decision to pass this deer at 55 yards as he was feeding broadside across the harvested corn field in front of me. I hoped with another year he would develop into a really nice buck. The fact that I had also had an earlier encounter with this deer during the Missouri firearms season in 2011 at 100 yards makes it better that I passed this buck, as I was able to capitalize on a mature 160 10-pointer.

Although the picture had the motion there was no doubt it was “Hook.”

This weekend I will be dressed warm in my Helly Hansen gear ready for a long sit in the woods hoping that Hook or another mature buck shows up looking to take out my decoy! The weather is starting to cool off here in northwest Missouri after having temps in the 80s earlier this week. Today when I came to work it was 48 with a brisk northeast wind, making it feel really cold and making me want to be in the stand with the Elite in hand.