I Quit!!!

Because I’m tagged out! 🙂

“Cactus” gross scored 141″, had an 8″ right base, and weighed 300 lbs!

This last weekend was fall break for me. Which means two things… mid terms and deer hunting! I decided to spend the time down in southern Iowa with my buddy Lance Porter on his farm in Decatur County. I was headed down to film him try to kill a 160″ deer or better.

After having a great day in the stand and seeing all sorts of deer Saturday and Sunday morning, we decided to hunt the timber next to a standing bean field that had a lot of activity. With about two hours of daylight left, Lance spotted a good buck chasing does out in the field. He was definitely an old, mature deer, and I wasn’t about to let him walk by. Lance grabbed the camera and I grabbed the Elite!

The buck came trotting into the timber and gave me an opening with a slight quartering-towards angle. Lance gave me the OK, and with the adrenaline pumping I weaved an arrow at 30 yards through some branches and right in front of the shoulder of the buck! The Rage Broadhead I was using had great penetration and opened up a giant hole through his windpipe and major vessels in the front of his chest. My Elite Answer and Rage Broadhead got the job done, as he ran 100 yards and piled up in a thicket.

After a little celebrating and letting it get dark, we met up with two buddies and went up to the buck. It turns out that they have been watching this buck on camera and finding sheds for years and have named him “Cactus.” He’s between 8-10 years old and was already on the downhill slide. In his prime his rack grew sideways like a cactus, hence the name.

“Cactus” had a massive body though! It took every ounce of strength of all three of us to drag this deer 100 yards. The deer dragging loops on our Hunter Safety System vests were invaluable for this! For our amusement we weighed the buck back at the shop, and he tipped the scale at 300 pounds!

I am a very fortunate guy to harvest such a great mature buck! I owe a thank you to Lance Porter for setting me up, Cambell Cameras for the filming gear, Elite Archery, Rage Broadheads, Hunter Safety Systems, and Realtree.

— Casey Goetz

Casey Goetz with the Elite Answer