In the Field with Major League Bowhunter’s Jeff Danker


Well I have to say 2012 has been good to me so far! A couple big bucks down and to me it seems the spring was good to the deer all across the Midwest. Antlers seem to be bigger than ever!

Our leases this year have more big deer than I can remember! We have been hit pretty hard in Nebraska with EHD. We have lost over 35 bucks on our lease there. However we still have some giants there!

And presently I am in Oklahoma chasing a 175 inch typical I call “Lucky”! Just typing that gets me excited! It’s hot and the rut seems way far away here. This buck has me sleepless for sure. I wine quite a bit about the hot weather etc. but just to have the opportunity to hunt an animal like this gives me chills! Gods great outdoors is definitely a place I love and will always love to be!

My thoughts on this years rut is…well my opinion for what it’s worth will be best across the Midwest from November 8-17. Maybe that’s the best time every year…it just seems every year someone’s talking like the ruts going to be early but mid November is always a guarantee that it will be rockin!! Time to head to the stand and hopefully get lucky on “Lucky!” May God Bless all and remember “Shoot by Sight Walk by Faith!”

By Jeff Danker