The weather has changed the leaves are all hitting the ground, and now the bucks are up and moving.  This cold front that moved through has got the deer up and on their feet.  The October lull should be over with and now the time we have been waiting for is here.

Last night I was working a Missouri state playoff football game knowing I really wanted to be in the deer stand.  About an hour before kickoff I received a call from the landowner telling me there were a few does hanging out by my stand.  He observed them from a distance for about 5 minutes.  The does moved into the timber from the clear-cut between tree lines, and quickly returned with a few more does and 2 bucks on there tails.  The pre-rut is upon us and the bucks are starting to move.  I believe that a few mature bucks will make some appearances in the area and hopefully one of these bucks will stop by the stand.  The weather is great for a night or weekend in the stand, whatever it takes this working class hunter will be punching the clock out at work and hoping to punch a tag on a mature buck this weekend.


Here is a buck I named Waldo…not sure the story on this buck but he does come with a bit of a unique rack.  If he stops by tonight I would love to send an arrow his way.

One thought on “IT’S TIME

  1. HParks

    So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed in the number of deer I’ve been seeing. I didn’t know if it was the EHD breakout or the odd weather earlier in the month. But, in the past week, I’ve seen lots of deer on the move! Time to get out there!

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