Jacked to Get Back in the Stand!

Boy does it feel goods to be back for another season chasing big bucks with Working Class Whitetails! My name is Casey Goetz, and I’m a pre-dentistry student at Wartburg College in northern Iowa. This year my class schedule has been good to me, and I am confident that this deer season will be action-packed. My goal for this year is to top my buck from last season, which was a tall, mature 7 point that I killed during the rut. I’ve spent a lot of time doing my homework in the off season and I am totally jacked to start putting some serious time in the stand. Over the season I also picked up a new Elite Archery Answer. It’s one of the sharpest bows I’ve personally ever shot, and I can’t wait to see what kind of damage it’s going to do to a big buck this fall.

To give everyone a better idea of my background as a deer hunter, I’ve compiled hunting footage that I’ve been collecting ever since I started chasing deer in high school. Over the next three weeks I will be sharing these videos. Hopefully they give everyone a better idea of my successes and failures as a hunter, as well as to get everyone excited for the deer season ahead of us. Stay tuned for the first video to be posted on Monday of next week!

Casey Goetz