Kick off the 2012 Season!

Hey, folks I’m Josh Dornbusch, pro staff member for Working Class Whitetails. I would like to share with you my experiences and passion I have for the outdoors and bow hunting. In the last few years I have put forth more effort than ever to managing the deer on the properties I hunt. I have passed some very nice 3- and 4-year old deer in hopes of seeing them grow up the following years. Last year I had a encounter with a giant main framed 12-pointer I call KLD. At 27.5 yards I missed the buck of a lifetime. This year I’m hoping for a banner year. So far the season is started off great. The farmers are having great weather to get the crops out. It’s been a typical first week of season. Bucks are stepping out into the field edges right at the last light. It is only going to get better as fall sets in and the pre-rut gets off to a bang. I have some stud deer on the Primos trail cameras. Follow me as I take you through my 2012 season! GOOD LUCK to all fellow hunters and be safe.

Josh Dornbusch