Last Minute Elk Hunt

Well the harvest season came to an end last friday for the Brandhof Empire (farm).  My dad had been talking for awhile about if we get done harvesting early we will try to go elk hunting with the rifle in Colorado.  On friday, my dad said simply, “We’re done with harvest, lets go elk hunting.”  Got the old rifle out and got it all sighted in! I can’t wait to get out elk hunting, especially because I haven’t gone rifle hunting before.  We got our spot all picked out, so hopefully we can get some elk back straps and put some meat on the table!  Usually in preparation of an elk hunt I try to run to get my lungs ready for the thin air in the mountains.  Since it was a short notice decision to go hunting, dad and I decided to go on the well rested and well fed diet! Probably not a wise decision, but we’re going to make the best of it.  Hopefully I can bring some pictures back of some elk we took!  As much as I want to be in the treestand in Iowa playing some string music with the Elite bow, I can’t pass up an elk hunt!