Last Minute Heartbreak! How’s the Shot?

Video still of the lighted nock hitting Tanner’s buck…

My good buddy Tanner Ellison has been hunting with me in the later parts of this bow season to try to kill his first buck… and what a journey it’s been. Two weeks ago we had a nice 10 point come into our Bully Buck Decoy from Delta McKenzie (Laced with Code Blue Dominant Buck Urine). The buck walk just into bow range, only for Tanner to miss about 1/2 an inch under the buck with the Elite Answer.

November 31 was the last day of the season for Tanner and I, so we decided to give it one last shot to kill him his first buck. After being in the stand for only 15 minutes, a nice 8 point walked by at 30 yards. We stopped the buck, and Tanner let one rip. The Rage hit the buck about 6 inches low and behind the shoulder, and the buck took of running. We waited all day and went to look for the buck, only to find no blood. After walking about 400 yards, we ended up kicking him up off of a river bank (with the arrow still buried in him). We gave him the night and went in the next day during the opening of shotgun season to find him. After several hours of searching the timber he went into… we never found him.


Tanner was heartbroken, but we gave it everything we had to try to find this buck. Does anybody have any ideas on the shot placement? We were guessing the arrow slipped between liver and stomach and didn’t cut any arteries.  Either way, it was a memorable season for Tanner and I and you can bet we will be back out there for late muzzleloader!