(Video) Late Season Hunting Brings Excitement

With a busy fall so far, I have not been able to hit the woods as much as I would have liked. Being a full-time deer hunting guide has many rewarding aspects but a small downfall is the fact of not being able to hunt as much.

So, what does this mean? This means that I will have to locate a mature whitetail and pattern him on the key factor to late season hunting…food. I have stands and blinds set up back home overlooking corn fields that haven’t been sat in all year and were put up during late summer in preparation for what I knew would be the main time of the year that I would be able to hunt. I have had trail cameras set out for the last month, so tomorrow when I head home, I will check my blinds and stands and pull the cards on my Moultrie trail cameras and see what bucks that I have on my hit list are still roaming around.

I also have a couple of food plots that I planted in early fall that I will be hunting over as well. With the drought that came through this year I did not get as much growth as I was hoping but it just might be enough green food to draw the deer in and get them on their feet earlier. I placed my food plots in transition zones in hopes that I can catch the deer moving with enough light and they are moving in their “comfort zones” in thicker timber moving to the food.

It is late season bow and I will be heading to the stand with my Elite Answer bow tipped with Rage broad heads. There is a big winter snow storm coming through Central Iowa in the next couple days bringing snow and cold weather. It has been a little warm the past week and this storm should really get the mature bucks on their feet earlier and heading to my food plots. I could not be more excited to finally get back in the woods!!!

With the hard work done during the summer of making food plots, the late season will be time to reap the rewards.