Little Chasing

The weather was right and the full moon was upon us, this last weekend made for some great hunting weather.  I spent the weekend working ground on the farm and setting in the tree stand in the mornings and evenings.  Mainly I did see some good deer movement, although most of it was small bucks chasing some does around.  There was not a good mature buck moving in my hunting location this last weekend.  Although Saturday night 30 minutes after dark I was able to lay my eyes on a brute of a buck.  I had just finished checking one of my cameras when a nice buck walked through the headlights after I stepped back into my truck.  I was able to glass a really nice 8 with a large wide spread and tall G2’s.  It really got me ready to go at it again in the morning.  This buck had found a way to skip through the cameras…but didn’t slip past my eyes.  I hope to change stand locations tonight for my hunt in hopes that he comes back to the same location a little bit earlier.

On a side note a good buddy of mine was able to have some pre-rut success here in NW Missouri.  This buck came cruising by his location and he was able to connect and put this buck down 40 yards from his location.  Congrats to my good buddy Jesse on a great bow kill.