Log Pile Hunt

Tonight I FINALLY  had a northwest wind to go hunt a special spot.  I went back to a log pile that I have muzzleloader hunted out of.  The main reason I hunt in the log pile is because I’m usually lazy, and don’t want to carry a blind in a half mile for a sit.  The hunt started out very slow, being 60 something degrees out, but the last 20 minutes was very exciting.  After sitting awhile I got bored so I decided to take a peak over the hill.  To my surprise 200 yards away was a beautiful 160 inch buck with four does.  After looking at him and deciding he was a shooter buck I rattled at him.  I watched him with the Nikons for a little bit and here he came.  I ran back to the tree line, got my Elite ready, and nestled in some tall weeds.  About a minute went by and here he came over the hill.  I decided not to shoot because he was too far away with the shooting and filming light I had.  It was a fun encounter and it was fun to change it up and hunt off the ground.  Tomorrow I am going to hunt off the ground also at a different farm, hopefully, I can connected with a bruiser!

Austin Brandhof