Long Time Wait!!!

Well here we are finally. It has been a long time coming to get where we are today. Workin Class Whitetails has exploded into an amazing group of hunters on the pro staff. We all cannot thank Deer and Deer Hunting enough for the partnership that we have started and look forward to in the future years to come. I am really looking forward to an exciting season as we will have clients, editors, publishers, TV shows and sponsors in camp with us at Tails of the Hunt hunting in Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri — www.tailsofthehunt.com. Follow along with our pro staff as we tracking down some monster bucks this year. With so many different personalities on our pro staff it is exciting to watch the season unfold.

This season as we have hunt Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri at Tails of the Hunt, follow along as we blog about our success, failures, and all the emotions that come with hunting. To all the relationships that we have built up, we look forward to an awesome season!