Looking Back On Our Season From Tails of the Hunt

Tired is the best way to describe how I feel right now and it is the first word that comes to my mind about the hunting season so far. I would have to say that is has been a pretty great season other than a few bumps. We have had some characters in camp from 1st time clients to guys that have hunted 4-5 times with us. We have also had editors, writers, & TV shows in camp with us. Every week there has been a new mix of people with no shortage of excitement or surprise.

Finally, a little break until Christmas, then Brandon Adams comes to Iowa to film for BuckVentures. We pulled some SD cards on trail cameras today and it should be a great late season from looking at the bucks that we still have on our farms. With my prayers being answered, it looks like the snow is finally coming. Brandon is the editor for both BuckVentures and Major League Bowhunter and it is always a privilege to have him hunting with us during the late season. We have been watching a lot of great bucks and this weather should help to get them on their feet and heading to food.

Late season is such a good time to be patient and set up a Primos or Ameristep ground blind, get in a Heater Body Suit and set for the day. I think some Iowa Monsters will hit the ground for their final rest in the upcoming weeks.


One of our target, late season bucks