Looking Back…

As my quest for a big buck seems to take over my life this time of year, it is easy to forget about how I got to where I am today and just how fortunate I am. Spending time in the woods with friends and family is truly what it is all about for me. With shotgun season just a few days away here in Iowa I am blessed to call myself part of the “Antler Society.” (This is what we call our hunting group). This group of people is where I can trace the start of my deer hunting days back to.

This group started back in the 70’s when my dad started shotgun hunting with a few friends from the area and it has developed into a group of over 20 hunters. It is a family event where I have been able to make lifelong friends that I would not of been able to do without the “Antler Society” being in existence. This led me into hunting on my own, to bow and muzzleloader hunting, and then filming my own hunts. This group of amazing people has helped develop me into the hunter and outdoorsman that I am today. I will always have memories that can only be made with a group like this and I will forever be in debt to my dad and the friends of his that started this group.

My brother and I have had many memories hunting together as well. One that sticks out was 4 years ago when my brother and I decided to climb a tree that we had seen a nice buck walking by the past few nights. We did not climb the tree and hang stands but we climbed the tree and stood on the branches. With my brother, Corey, filming free handed with our little handy cam and me armed with my muzzleloader we climbed and we waited. We had only been in the tree about an hour when the buck walked out of the corn 125 yards from us. I made the shot and Corey was shaking so much that when we looked at the footage you couldn’t tell if it was a 10 point buck or a bear that I was shooting at.

It is comical memories like these that I have with my brother, my family, and my friends that keeps me hunting. Now, I can look at that buck hanging on my wall on my Skullhooker and take a trip down memory lane. This will always remind me of hanging out in a tree with my brother and all the great times I have had and all the great memories that are yet to be made.