Lots of Rutting Activity

We are seeing a good deal of rutting activity here in North Central Iowa. Dana shot a nice buck this past Saturday and we have had several others come into the taxidermy shop this weekend as well. Monday night we had a 140 class 10 point dogging 3 does along the property line and they just wouldn’t jump the fence to give me a shot. I got a good look at him through the Nikons and I would definitely take the shot if he presented it to me. Last night we had 5 different bucks come in, but they were all smaller 1 1/2 yr olds and not what we are looking for. We had one of those smaller bucks pin us down out in the open on the way into the tree but he never picked us even though he was trying his best. The Realtree AP did its job as he just walked off like nothing was wrong. We have got a NW wind today and we are headed back to our west stand again tonight to see what happens. We’re headed out right now, so good luck to everyone and hopefully we’ll have another post for you tonight!