Making Room for Food Plots

Earlier this summer my brother and I got the idea to clear out a bunch of overgrown brush and small trees to make room for a food plot. Where we have always wanted to do this is located across a creek and in the middle of the timber. So, this was going to be a job that would need more than just a chainsaw. Luckily, my brother has access to a tracked skid loader. We put a culvert down in the creek and made a crossing to get up to the area where we wanted the food plot. With the help of the skid loader we were able to clear out all the trees, brush, and bushes in about 2 hours.

The next step was to do a soil test. I knew this soil was going to be in bad condition but when I got the soil sample test back I knew exactly what I needed to add to the soil. After hundreds of pounds of lime and hundreds of pounds of 13-13-13 it was time to plant. I decided that that Tecomate Ultra Forage would be most suitable for this soil and location.

So, I waited and waited and….waited for rain. This year in Iowa a lot of my food plots struggled because of the lack of rain. Towards the end of August we finally got rain and the seed germinated. The turkeys were quick to start pecking off the new growth but luckily with more rain, the right fertilizer, and some amazing seed from Tecomate my food plot began to develop.

I have not been back home to see it for almost 2 months now but my brother says that it is looking great. As you can see from the aerial, the food plot is located in a great transition and funnel area with food and bedding on both sides. I will be back home in a week for Thanksgiving and I can not wait to sit in my Twisted Timber treestand overlooking my Tecomate food plot.