Missouri rifle season continues

Rifle blind overlooking the Tecomate food plot.

We have definitely put in a lot of time in the past week pursuing a buck with the rifles here in NW Missouri.  My brother, Brandon, comes to town every year to rifle hunt with me and shares all the memories and the fun times we have.  Brandon has not been able to punch a hole on his Missouri tag for a couple years, so I decided this year I was going to put my rifle to the side and carry the camera for Brandon in hopes of catching a great hunt on film for Brandon.

Unfortunately Brandon had to leave town on Wednesday to return to his engineering duties at John Deere.  Although Brandon was still not able to punch a hole in that tag, we had a great time hunting together over the week.  We seen a lot of deer and had opportunities at a couple bucks.  Bucks that would be trophies to a lot of people, but Brandon was holding out for a true Missouri giant.   Brandon is going to come back and give it another try during the Missouri muzzleloader season in hopes of catching a buck coming in to the Tecomate Ultra Forage food plot that he and I planted back in August.  Although we did not get the rain we needed in August, the plot took off and looks great.  I am definitely looking forward to hunting over it late season.

The Missouri rifle season continues through the weekend and we are going to putting time in the stand, and hopefully bagging a great Missouri buck!   Congrats to pro staff member Ryan Welch on an absolute giant buck!

Josh McMillen

Brandon breaking out the trail mix for a morning snack.