Missouri rifle season is upon us.

Josh with his 2011 Missouri rifle buck.

Well, it’s that time of year!  The Missouri firearms season opens tomorrow.  We were hoping to close the deal on a Missouri bruiser before rifle season opened, but we fell short of that goal.  We have been hitting the woods, but have not seen the buck movement we were hoping for.  The rut just has not seemed to really kick off yet. We have seen a lot of young smaller bucks bumping does and showing signs of rut, but we have had very little sightings of big mature bucks up on their feet chasing in our area.  I anticipate in the next couple days all that will change and we will start seeing the big boys on their feet just in time for the Missouri rifle season.  I am going to my home town turf in hopes of crossing paths with a brute with my oldest brother Brandon.  I wish Brandon and the rest of the Missouri rifle hunters the best of luck.

Last night I got a call from good friend Chad Wiederholt.  He was pumped up and had a good reason to be.  Chad had just arrowed a great 10-point here in NW Missouri.  Chad has been hunting non-stop for the past month, and like mentioned above, he had just not seen a lot of good movement with the mature bucks.  Last night he did and he was able to capitalize on the opportunity.  Congratulations Chad!

Everyone be safe this weekend and I wish you the absolute best of luck!

Josh McMillen, Working Class Whitetails

Chad’s buck he harvested November 8th.