My first hunt on a new property

My filming partner and I recently acquired a new property to add to our arsenal for this year.  Although I had never been on the farm in the past, I had high hopes giving the location of the farm and the surrounding area.  Shaun and I scouted the property and found a secluded pinch point that was full of great buck sign, fresh scrapes and signs of new rubs appearing on the trees nearby.  With all the fresh sign, we decided to hang the stand in the pinch point and planned to come back in a week to hunt it for the first time.  The next week came quickly and the wind was absolutely perfect for the new pinch point stand.  I settled in and with the temperatures cooling down to the 30’s in the evening, I anticipated good deer movement.  Although this new stand was located in a tight pinch point, it was also a great observation stand, allowing me to overlook neighboring blocks of timber, one hundred acres of cut soybeans, and wooded draws running throughout the property.  I was going to have a good idea how the deer were moving just by sitting in this stand.

As the evening wore on and the sun began to set, I had several does exit the neighboring woods from the east and like expected they worked right towards the pinch point I was hunting.  Keeping my attention on the does, I was soon caught off guard when I looked straight in front of me. There stood a buck that had come in from the west, the opposite direction of the does.  Unfortunately the darkness had settled in and it was too dark for not only the camera, but for me to take a safe shot at the buck.  Due to the low light, I wasn’t able to get a clear look at the buck to see exactly what he was.  I was able to see that he was a massive bodied buck and appeared to have some nice head gear up top.  There the buck stood at twenty yards broad side, a chip shot for anyone.  The buck stuck around the area for thirty minutes and with just enough moon light I was able to watch the buck make new scrapes and visit the existing scrapes.  Not wanting to spook the buck, I stayed in the stand for an hour after dark, allowing enough time for the buck to move on.

Luckily before I headed out to hunt that evening I decided to take a trail camera with me to hang before I climbed into the stand.  I did just so, before climbing into the stand, I hung the trail camera on the active scrape that was located just twenty yards from the stand.  The camera pointed in the direction that the buck stood for several minutes! Hopefully this buck was as good as I think he was and I will be able to share a trail camera picture with you all.  I plan on going to the property this weekend to check the camera and hopefully I will have a picture of a good buck to share!  Stay tuned in!

Josh McMillen