October Lull

Things are starting to pick up here in NW Missouri as we approach the pre-rut.  Going back to Steven Marriott’s blog, we always get loaded up with early season trail camera photos of awesome bucks, but as soon as the velvet comes off and patterns change, that switch gets flipped and everyone wonders what happened to all the bucks.   We definitely experienced the same thing.

Moving your trail cameras from the food source to scrape and rub lines this time of year can definitely improve your chances of getting more pictures of that monster buck.   In fact, you may just get bucks that you never knew existed.

Shaun and I have been utilizing our trail cameras for most of the year, but not until this past week, did we know the “Easton” buck existed.   All just by moving the trail cameras off the food source to known areas used by the bucks to make scrapes and rub lines.  Hopefully an Easton arrow can find a home in this fella before the Missouri rifle season gets here, hence why he earned the name “Easton.”  The Ameristep stand is hung, now we just need the right wind to sneak in!