October ups and downs

Well here we are mid-October and for most of us its the period of time that we step back and look at our plan. This is the time that you look back at photos and try to figure out where all these big bucks have gone. For me its been a good start to the month, I have already had good encounters with 2 of my hit list bucks. Despite this very strange weather I believe its been pretty productive and to say the least kept me in high gear! My first encounter was with a deer I call “Grinch” and had I not been messing with a young buck at 40 yards (grunting and snort wheezing) we would have closed that chapter with a very happy ending. However we will chalk that one up to a lesson learned! My next encounter was with my number 1 buck on the hit list, “LUCKY” and lets just say he still lives up to his name. I left work early for my daughters school program and got home by 4 p.m. then headed straight to the stand. The wind was perfect to hunt “Lucky” and sure enough he showed up with about 30 minutes of camera light. The wind was fairly strong causing him to be slightly edgy. Lucky covered 450 yards in about 30 seconds bringing him 40 yards from my tree. He was traveling about 95 mph and we could not get him to stop. So just like that he had escaped me once again! This deer is wearing me ragged to say the least. With this encounter it will make the 4th time he has been in shooting range and escaped death! From here good friend and fellow pro staffer Nick Davis and I decided to head to the Primos ground blind to weather the storm last Sunday morning in hopes of catching “Mr Crabs” on his home turf. Well that did not happen all we caught were rain drops and a lot of them! Stay with us folks cause we are gonna keep at it until one of these studs hit the dirt. Until next time, bend it and send it!

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