On To Late Muzzle

Well my landowner Shotgun tag went unfilled again this year, as I never had an opportunity at any shooter bucks. I did not get to go out much this 2nd season, as I have been extremely busy with work and just couldn’t get away to go. I did sneak out last night for the final regular gun season evening, only to see one doe in the food plot. We have a major weather change coming in the end of the week with the possibility of 6″ of snow which will turn the standing corn plots into a deer highway and I plan to be waiting over them with my late muzzle tag when Mr.Big steps out.We saw a dandy Saturday night on the way home from caping a deer standing about 100 yds from our blind and he is definitely very tall and decently wide. I will no doubt burn powder on him if he shows himself for a shot with the muzzleloader. Late muzzle is open today, so hopefully I will be reporting back with a great hunting story soon. Good Luck Late Season Hunters.