One to Remember

  My wife Amy,  picked up a bow 7 years ago and hasn’t put it down yet. With several doe kills with a bow and 2 buck kills with her muzzle loader, she just hasn’t sealed the deal with her archery tackle on a buck.   We’ve had numerous encounters over the years. One our fondess memories was when she was at full draw for over 2 minutes, all we needed was just one more step.  I think that is something all of us archers can relate to. 

  Well,  on November 6 she can definitely say that she is a true huntress now. She has finally connected with a mature Iowa whitetail.  With both of us working full time and me trying to get our archery shop up and running getting out hunting can be a challenge.  I was finishing a concrete pour that afternoon when she called me and ask were her Nikon’s were. She said there was a good buck chasing a doe in the bean field by the house and she wanted a closer look.  I rushed home to see if we could capitalize on this opportunity. Of course when I arrived there was nothing in the field. So I started glassing the area and there he was running a doe in a thick fence line. I called Amy and told her to grab her bow and get down here. We snuck to the edge of our food plot and waited patiently. Hoping that maybe he would come back out.  As minutes passed a few does made there way to the food plot and wouldn’t you know it, that big boy stepped out and came right to us.  He came to 26 yards. I told her as soon as he turns broadside and opens up his shoulder hold your shot a touch high and let him have it. As she drew back her Elite bow I could see the nerves and the trembling within her. I whispered just breathe and hold your finish. When she let that Easton arrow tipped with a Rage 40ke broadhead  the shot placement couldn’t of been any more perfect. With the classic bucking horse kick, he didn’t make it but 80 yards.
Emotions and spirits ran high that evening. I couldn’t be more proud and she definitely couldn’t be more happy! Great job Amy and congratulations and your first archery buck, he’s a dandy!