Plans Had To Change Again

Well, my carefully laid plans of going in early this morning and trying to get Dad a buck fell through this morning when the wind decided to switch and come out of the NW, which left us with only one option of staying on the north side of the river. Unfortunately, trying to get into that stand in the morning is extremely tough without blowing all of the deer out, so we opted to wait and go out this afternoon, which was probably a good thing because my throat was throbbing so hard when I got up I couldn’t even swallow, so the rest felt good. We are getting down to the wire on trying to get one down, but Tuesday through Thursday we have good winds to get back in the honey hole, so that is our plan and hopefully it will be worth the wait. Taking a day off tomorrow to get some mounts done in the shop, and then the rest of the week we are going to be after them hard. I’ll be reporting Tuesday’s hunt when we get back from the woods. Until then, good luck to those like us feeling the pressure!