Prepping for late-season hunting.

With the 2012 Missouri rifle season in the books, we start wondering what bucks were able to survive the rifle season and possibly what new bucks have showed up at our farms throughout the rut.  Shaun and I start utilizing our trail cameras in attempts to get a quick inventory of the bucks, see what is still hanging around, what survived, and see if we picked up any new bucks.  After we get out inventory and get a better idea of the late season pattern, we will shift some of our stands to hunt over the main food source in hopes of getting a crack at a buck cruising to its food source.

Today I spoke with good friend, Daniel McVay at Buckventures.  Daniel said he is going to concentrate on the key food sources for the late season, and that means not hunting deep in the woods, but just off the edge of a food source.  Daniel also mentioned that he would stick to this principal even if there were signs of a late rut kicking in, as the bucks will be looking for the does, which will be on the food source.  Placement of your food plots is key to late season hunting.  Making the deer feel safe with plenty of cover surrounding the plot and keeping the pressure minimal during the crucial times.  This weekend, we are heading to one of our favorite farms to move our Twisted Timber stands to the edge of the Tecomate food plot to better our chances this late season.      Josh McMillen