Rewards of deer and bad weather!

This weekend in Northwest Missouri we experienced extremely high winds and thunderstorms. Pro-staff member Steven Marriott and I made a valiant effort to make it into the woods, but “Mother Nature” wasn’t about to allow it. I filmed Steven in his blind Sunday morning though, as he tried throwing out some grunts with his Primos calls, and even touched the antlers together in hopes of stirring a mature buck’s curiosity! As luck would have it, the winds kept the deer bedded. He managed to throw a couple of Easton arrows at some mature gobblers, but the Rage didn’t hit the cage as they both came up short! We got a few chuckles out of the mornings events, and that was time well spent in my books!

My best friend in the world, and of course I am speaking of my dad Mike Davis, was reluctant enough to slap a tag on a skinhead earlier last weekend. His Elite Hunter connected at 30 yards on a doe that ran a mere 70 yards before piling up into the uncut beans. We dressed the doe, hauled her back to the Davis Ranch, and took as much meat as possible from the deer for jerky, sausage, and some ground meat for chili!

Since the weekend neglected the Missouri hunters, including myself, from pursuing whitetails, I decided to pull some of the fresh meat out of the freezer, slice it, spice it, and cook up some jerky in the oven! Our family takes pride in eating the venison we harvest, and when the weather doesn’t permit, I enjoy cooking and testing various recipes in the oven and on the smoker! What better way to spend a spoiled weekend than filling the house with the aroma of the year’s first batch of jerky! Jack Link’s doesn’t have anything on this guy!