Rut Activity

Last week I took Wednesday through Friday off in hopes of bagging one of my hit list bucks. With Missouri rifle season right around the corner the pressure was on and it was that magical week of November that we all talk about. Well,this “magical” week just happened to be my slowest week of the year so far! Temperatures were warm and it seemed as if a switch flipped and rut activity almost stopped. And I knew the orange army would be arriving shortly! As luck would have it I didn’t connect with the Elite and rifle season came. But with rifle season came more very warm temps and holy wind! But in true Missouri fashion the very next day temps dropped back into the 30’s and we had some freezing rain and sleet! Deer activity didn’t seem to pick up like I had hoped, over all it has been a very slow November and a lack luster rut thus far, but with temps staying down and winds under 20 mph the rut will start firing on all cylinders. It wont be long until we start letting the air out of some giants! So until next time, just squeeze that trigger!