Scent Elimination Basics

Throughout the hunting season, one of the most important factors is to be invisible. It is common knowledge that a deer’s sense of smell is incredibly sensitive. Ensuring you are odor free from your body to your clothes will help you bag that trophy buck.

Anyone who’s walked into a smoky bar or restaurant knows how much scent clothes can absorb in a short amount of time. The first step to staying undetected in the woods is to wash all your hunting clothes in a scent-free or earth-scented laundry detergent. As an alternative, Code Blue’s EliminX Laundry Ball eliminates germs and odors, and one ball lasts all season long.

After washing, store your clothes in a sealable container to keep odors out. Hunters also need to shower with scent-eliminating body wash and shampoo. Remember, you’ll produce sweat during the walk to your stand, so take an odor eliminator spray with you. Sprays featuring 360-degree coverage, like EliminX 360, are the easiest to use because the aerosol mist penetrates deep and can be sprayed from any angle.

In frigid weather, EliminX Xtreme features a no-freeze, scent-eliminating formulation. It’s always a good idea to carry scent-eliminating field wipes whenever scouting or hunting. Field wipes are great for their portability and perfect for using on your rifle, bow, trail camera, stand and more.

Remember, be scent free and improve your hunting success, especially when using scent eliminators in conjunction with deer lures.

By Steve Lambeth