Scouting Mission Again….

Well, we didn’t get to go and hunt tonight because I couldn’t get out of work early enough so I decided to grab the Nikons and watch the pasture tonight. I saw 10 does and one medium buck that was chasing them pretty hard, but no big boys tonight. I was hoping to see a big 9 pt with a 4″ kicker that we spotted from the kitchen table on Sunday during the freezing rain. He was bedded down with a doe at about 80 yds south of the buildings but there was no way of getting close because with a NW wind, the only cover we had to sneak him was occupied by two bedded does, so that I idea was out the window. All we could do was sit and wait by the buildings and hope that he followed the does up to feed by the yard and get a shot. Of course, this didn’t happen as he teased us at 70 yds and walked the other way. I guess our only option is to suit up in as much Realtree as possible and sneak into the bedding area and hope to catch him when he wakes up from his nap. We are going to continue to hunt this buck as well as the two or three shooters that we have seen at the woods so hopefully we will have a great hunt to tell you about. Below is a picture of a nice 9 pt that looks very similar to the one that we saw this week. Enjoy your weekend in the woods!