Shed Antler in the food plot.


With the season here and gone in NW Missouri, we start to turn our focus to hunting shed antlers and start planning for the spring gobbler season.

This past weekend, I made a trip to the farm to hang a trail camera to get a better idea on how many bucks are still packing antlers around.  This time of year is a great time to find heavily used trails to hang the cameras on.  With the deer back to large groups or “bachelor groups” and having one thing on their mind; food, they are constantly using the same trails to get to the food source.  Our late-season Tecomate plot has been an awesome food source up to this point, and the trails leading to the plot were unbelievable.  The last time I was at the farm was late December during the Missouri muzzle loader season and at that time there was plenty of foliage remaining in the plot.  Not surprised, the plot has been wiped clean.  I quickly hung the trail camera on a heavily used trail leading to the food plot and made my way to the plot and could quickly see the benefits of having a late-season food source on the property, there laid the first shed antler of the year for me.   Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can find some time and rally some buddies up to find more sheds.  Until then, it’s back to the grind!

Share your shed antler photos with us, Working Class Whitetails.

Happy Shed Hunting!

Josh McMillen

One thought on “Shed Antler in the food plot.

  1. spearfisher

    It is amazing to me how different things are from region to region. I live/hunt in South Alabama. We barely hit freezing twice this season and I just unloaded the SD card from my trail cam. Its loaded with some very large bucks all with a full set still intact. I wont start to shed hunt until Mid March here. Of course, our rut just ended too.

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