Spott Hogg is spot on!

Well we have been hard at it in Iowa for the last couple of weeks with all kinds of action at Tails of the Hunt outfitters. My filming partner Pat and I both have Iowa tags and we continue to look for a 4 ½ year old buck or better. The action has been consistent with both of us having passed a multitude of 3 ½ year old deer like the one pictured.

With the farm we are hunting being a new lease for Tails of the Hunt this year we felt it would be prudent to pass the younger bucks as well as to add some herd management into the mix. Plus I wanted to put my new Spott Hogg site to the test along with my Elite “Answer”! I have to say that when I received my new site I was amazed at how easy it was to dial it in and I felt the combination of this site and the new Elite Answer bow should be deadly.

Tuesday evening around 4:00 I had a doe come in with 2 fawns. After watching her for ten minutes and straining to look for a following buck I knew they were alone so I determined to take the doe. The entire time we watched her she never came closer than 40 yards so when she stepped into my shooting lane for the third time I grabbed the Nikon range finder verified a range of 44 yards and let her fly. As I said the combination of the Spott Hogg site and the Elite bow proved deadly. With the Rage broad head doing the job it was over quickly. The doe ran about 10 yards before crashing to the ground and expiring.

 Now that I have filled my doe tag we will continue to pursue an Iowa giant! We will keep you posted as we try and complete the mission before the Iowa gun season starts on 12/1.