Stop Thinking About Big Bucks…It’s Finals Time!!!

Well… it’s that infamous time of year again. Finals Time!!! All of my classes have come down to the wire and this week is my last chance to bump my grade up! I have four finals scattered throughout the week, so needless to say I will be spending a lot of time posted up in the library.

It makes it hard to study though, when I know in a week I will get to chase after some big bucks that I’ve had my eye on this summer, only during the late muzzleloader season.

I have a history with this buck… Mean Streak. And I hope to have an encounter with him this winter.

This is another buck I’m hoping to run into. His name is Grizzley… A name I came up with from his massive grizzley bear looking neck!

Studying for finals is going to be tough without having any treestand time and with the Elite packed away.  Wish me luck and we’ll catch ya for late muzzleloader!