With great encounters during late October and early November I could not put my Iowa tag on a mature deer.   So like many times in previous years it was time to hit the open ground for some spot and stalk action.


On November 12, I headed down to a buddy’s place who has many farms to glass for these deer.  Right off the bat at 7:30 we found a big mature deer.  Once I figured the route to take, we headed in.  After a long belly crawl I was fifty yards and ready to let the Elite bow do its thing.  The only problem at this point is the deer was bedded and would not stand.  What seemed like an hour of looking at this deer through the Nikons, he finally stood.  I came to full draw, settled the pin and the Easton arrow was on its way.


This is when everything goes crazy.  With all the time I spent looking at the deer from fifty yards, I failed to see small twig in my shooting lane.  The arrow deflected and hit the deer way back.  It’s decision time now-do I back out or flank around to try and take another shot?  My mind was easily made up on the fact that standing corn was the direction he was heading.  After a long jog that about made me give up I was in position and the deer was walking slowly towards me.  A couple minutes went by and there he was, 25 yards broadside.  The second Easton arrow hit the mark and he expired a short time later.  I laid on the ground for 10 minutes or so to catch my breath and went to get my hands on the deer.


There is nothing more rewarding than taking a mature deer on the ground.  With a little bit of patience and a lot of luck, these are always my most memorable hunts.


Collin King


  1. Dave Ruiter

    Awesome hunt, Collin! What an accomplishment to take such a superior buck from the ground- and to jump ahead of him for the finishing shot… incredible! I hope AJ was able to keep up with you to lay down some great footage as usual on this hunt… can’t wait to work on the edit!

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