The Hunting Season So Far

Wow…where to start? What an amazing year we are having at Tails of the Hunt. Right now we are still seeing mature bucks chasing during daylight hours and it makes driving around scouting each night a blast.

After clients have tagged out in MO or IA and they go driving around with us to scout and it is fun to watch grown guys come completely unglued looking through the Nikon binoculars at a true Iowa giant. We have seen some world class bucks – bucks you only see in magazines. We are so spoiled to live in a place where are 150s class buck is just a good buck and coming around every corner you never know what you are going to see. For all of you that have never hunted the Midwest, you are really missing out on something special.

I would like to congratulate Jeff Danker from Major League Bowhunter for killing Lucky, a 180+ inch typical. Great job Jeff!