The last walk to the blind with the rifle for 2012

With the Badlands pack loaded, and the Code Blue scent drag tied on, I made my last walk to the rifle blind for the 2012 Missouri rifle season.  Although the season closes Tuesday night, Monday morning was my last chance to get a crack at a mature Missouri whitetail.

Up to this point, I have seen a lot of deer and some pretty good bucks chasing does, but have yet had a chance to get a shot at one of those Missouri giants. Walking to the blind this morning felt like it was going to be a great hunt: temperatures in the mid 30’s and just a slight breeze out of the southwest, perfect for our setup!

Tyler and I got settled in to the “ole camper” overlooking the Tecomate food plot, and with the camera ready to roll, we waited patiently for daylight. Daylight came, the birds were chirping, and not a deer was stirring. Although it was tough to do, Tyler and I kept our heads up and stuck it out.  Around 8 a.m., we had two does work through taking some bites on their way, but after their departure, there wasn’t a deer in sight for the remainder of the hunt. Despite a slow morning in the woods Tyler and I still had a great time.

With the Missouri rifle tag burning a hole in my pocket, it’s back to the grind at work, and back to the stick and string with the Elite Answer until the Missouri muzzleloader season opens in December. Congrats to those who were successful with their rifles and best of luck to all of you for the remainder of the season!

Josh McMillen

The old pop-up camper converted to a ground blind.

Overlooking the Tecomate food plot.

Tecomate Ultra Forage