The pursuit of “Handsome”


It is that time of year again when work takes a back seat to the pursuit of giant Whitetails and as far as I’m concerned there is no better place on the planet to do that then in Southwest Iowa at “Tails of the Hunt” outfitters. My filming partner Pat and I have Iowa tags in our pockets and we are ready to go!


The attached picture is through the lens of my camera last year in December. We thought we were going to close the deal on the buck my wife had nicknamed “Handsome”. I had my Elite bow at full draw on this big boy for a full 2 minutes but as mature Whitetails are known to do he never gave me a clean shot. Now thanks to the Iowa DNR and the Iowa Governor / Media tag program I can get another chance! The cold weather is moving in and it should be rocking next week when we arrive. We will keep you posted on all the action from the “Land of the Giants”. So good luck to everyone and hopefully to us as well!

"Handsome, The one that away"