The Quest Continues

We are back in Iowa and still hard at it. The last few days were bitterly cold with low’s in the teens but the deer were on their feet and on the food sources early. I was more than happy to be wearing my coat and bib’s from Banded Gear to keep me warm in the cold conditions!

On Monday evening I managed to miss a very good Iowa buck in the 150’s class. (pictured below) We were hunting on the edge of a picked cornfield and he was the 4th buck to go by us in a matter of 10 minutes. Unfortunately I forgot the golden rule: “over 30 yards use your 20 yard pin, over 40 use your 30 yard pin etc. This buck was at 27 yards and I used my 30 yard pin and when he dropped with the shot my arrow went over his back.

Nobody said this game was easy, but after a month of hunting that was more than a little frustrating! We will keep plugging away until Friday but sooner or later we need to put a Rage in the Cage!

One thought on “The Quest Continues

  1. Ryan Welch

    Good luck Steve, I feel your pain…however, the day after I missed a 150″ here in KS, I got my chance at a big boy. Things happen for a reason! Keep after ’em.

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