After a great day of hunting yesterday, today was a big disappointment. This morning felt like yesterday morning, calm and cold, and I decided to hit up a new farm to see what was moving.

Although I was not planning on shooting anything as I did not have a camera man with me, with it being that time of year I could not stay out my Ameristep stand. All I saw though were two 2-year old bucks and a few does and the action was all over by 8:30 a.m. I decided I would get down at 9 a.m in hopes that the afternoon hunt would be more eventful.

Tyler Grey & I climbed into our Ameristeps around 4 p.m., but not 10 minutes in the stand and I heard a truck driving through that field to the north. There were two trucks driving out of the field and it looked like they had been in there all afternoon cutting fire wood. Since NO one is supposed to be back there, seeing that got my blood boiling.

I had two stands stolen off of this farm already, a week before season had started. I told Tyler that when we got down we would go check my other stands and pull one my of trail cameras. The night wore on and as the sun started to go down we could see the full moon coming up. Knowing those guys had been in there all afternoon cutting wood and now a full moon, we knew we probably would not be seeing anything. So I decided to get down a little early to check all my other stands.

As I drove through the field, I just had a bad, gut feeling that all my stuff was going to be gone. I came up on my first stand location, and with it being out in the wide open along the field edge I figured it would be the most likely stand to be missing. I felt a little better when I saw it was still there and my second stand location was also still there.

Now all I needed to do was pull my Primos trail camera, but as I drove to the corner of the field and shone my headlights on the tree where it was I could see that it was not there. I got out to make sure I was looking at the right tree and that it was not just me. Well, unfortunately it was the right tree and everything was gone!

I had my Primos camera with a 12 volt aux battery hooked to it sitting over an Extreme Hunting Solutions mineral site where I had been getting several pictures. One thing I can’t stand are thieves. I am out two stands and a camera so far this year and I continue to hope that nothing else comes up missing as we still have a lot of hunting to do this year with the rut upon us.

— Justin Davison


One thought on “Thieves!!!!

  1. zagmendon

    Nothing worse than scum bags!! Just remember CARMA will come. You may not be there to see it but it will happen!! Good luck hunting

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