Waiting for the rut.

With a 4-day work week and a 3-day weekend for me, I am anxious to get out to the woods this weekend in high hopes of seeing some great bucks up on their feet chasing the does.  Last night I was able to watch a nice buck along with four does feed in a cut soybean field.  I was curious to see if the buck would show any interest in the does, but to my surprise he really didn’t show any interest at all as the does worked away.  He kept his head down and continued to feed.  I have spoken to a lot of friends here in NW Missouri, who have been able to get in the woods the last couple days. They said they really haven’t seen a lot of rut activity other than the young bucks doing a little chasing, but no luck seeing the big boys up on their feet chasing the does.  Today a good friend, Cory Cronk, was able to connect with a great buck here in NW Missouri.  Cory headed out this morning and was faced with a crucial decision, to pass a buck that he had just passed a couple days prior, or to take a shot at this great buck before the property was walked over during the Missouri firearms season.  As pro staff member Steven Marriott would say, “He bent it and sent it!”  Congrats on a great buck Cory. Hopefully in the next couple days the action will pick up and we will see the big boys on their feet chasing the does.  Also congrats to pro staff member Dave Ruiter for connecting on a great buck in WI.  Great Work!

Cory Cronk with his NW Missouri buck.