Work First, Play Later

Introductions are in order.  My name is Jack Turner and I own Family Tradition Treestands based in southern Michigan. This year has been particularly fast-paced for the both the company and myself personally.  We’re the definition of a small company; I answer the phone calls and emails, take all the product photos, design the brochures, maintain the website, etc. etc. etc.  When you throw in the travel involved with exhibiting at shows and delivering to dealers it can lead to long days.

Food plotting and habitat work have become my passion since purchasing dirt several years ago.  Everyone assumes that if one owns a treestand company surely they have some big spread with an abundance of mature bucks to choose from.  Nothing could be further from the truth, at least in my case.  I’m just a normal working guy, like most of you, and my work just happens to be in the hunting industry.  I live and hunt on only 48 acres.

Lands not cheap in my area and we bought that dirt when I was in my early 30’s and built a brand new house.  Life was good.  I’ve since come to the conclusion that in the big picture there are some serious shooters out there…and I’m not one of them!  It gets reinforced through our terrific customer base.  I’ve got oil tycoons, pro golfers/baseball/football players and timber barons using our stands and most are the best guys you’d ever want to meet,  but it’s humbling when they own thousands of acres, it makes you acutely aware of who you really are in the grand scheme!

Last week it looked like we were in the full rut at home.  Honestly, the conditions couldn’t have been better to sit in a tree.  Frost on the ground each morning, no wind, rut kicking into high gear…and I’m heading out to work after watching critters through my spotting scope!  It was KILLING ME!

Here I am, typing this out as the last thing on my “to do” list at work all the while thinking about tomorrow’s firearm opener in beautiful Michigan.  No work is going to get done the rest of the week.  Ethically, I’m not going bow hunting without shooting lots of arrows into the target but with my 25 year old Remington 870, it is a trusty gun to be sure.  Got some range time in last weekend with my nephews and it was dialed in, as always.  Forecast is calling for lows in the 20’s and no wind to speak of and I probably won’t sleep much tonight.

So for all you lucky ones out there that have spent countless hours in the stand, bagged a buck or a few doe, I finally get to join your ranks!  I’ll be spending some quality time getting reacquainted with some trees on my property first thing tomorrow morning.  Enjoy your time afield this year and remember to always be smart and stay safe so that you can hunt again tomorrow!

By Jack Turner