Everyone has to do it in someway or another.  This work week for me has kept me out of the treestand…and stuck in the office.  But with the Missouri Rifle season starring me in the face in 2 days I think its time for some PTO to head to the woods tomorrow before the lead starts flying.  The weather is calling for a slight chance of severe weather for Saturday in NW Missouri and the snow for Sunday has been taken out of the forecast.  It is still unseasonably warm here with the high’s in the mid 60’s today.  Hoping that the bucks will start chasing sooner than later.  To all those Missouri Gun tag owners, stay safe this weekend and don’t forget to wear your ORANGE.


The buck below I was able to capitalize on last year during the rifle season.  He came out 30 minutes before dark on the heels of a doe and I was able to contect perfectly on him with my .270 topped off with my Nikon scope.  Hoping to finish off the weekend I can punch my archery tag and rifle tag in the same 3 day span.