Working Class Whitetails

It is October 10th, two weeks into the Iowa bow season & I have already found two of my target bucks dead. One I nicknamed ” Smalls “. He was a great 5 year old 8 point. I found him when I was out checking my trail camera’s the week before season. I’m pretty sure I lost him to EHD. The other buck I found was a great 3 year old 11 point that had a lot of potential of being a huge buck next year. I received a phone call at work this morning from the land owner telling me he had a big buck that got his leg caught in his fence last night & that it is dead. My stomach just dropped, but my version of a big buck is different then most so I kept my hope’s high that it wasn’t one I was after. I told him that I would be out on my lunch break to check him out. Noon could not come fast enough! As I was driving up to him his rack was getting bigger & I knew it was going to be one I had trail cam pic’s of. Sure enough it was ” Henry “. He was headed to the bean field on the other side of the road & when he went to jump the fence he got his back leg twisted in the top two barbs & just hung there until he expired. I guess at least one way or another I will have him just wish it were with an Easton arrow passing threw him. With two bucks down I still have several bucks on a couple different farms. So follow us at Working Class Whitetails as we take you through the highs & low’s of our 2012 deer season. Pro Staff Justin Davison