Bow Hunting Tips

Change your angles and distances when practicing during the off-season so you'll be ready for almost anything.

How to Make the Best Bow Shot to Kill a Deer

The anatomy of every successful bow shot hinges on many synchronous yet dynamic elements. This lends bowhunting the drama that keeps us coming back, but we also have an ethical obligation to eliminate uncertainty from the equation whenever possible. By Patrick Meitin Many view successful shooting as a purely-physical function of aligning sights to...


How High Should I Hang My Tree Stands?

  How high should I hang my stands? This is one of the most common questions in bowhunting. Elevated hunting’s No. 1 selling point is literally rising above the astute noses of the game we pursue. In bowhunting, there’s another majorly important consideration: Undetected shot execution during the conspicuous draw cycle. Tugging a bowstring to...