Ted with kids at indoor bow shoot helping them learn about archery and the fun of shooting a bow.

Teach the Children Well

As the Nuge prepares for his 27th annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids charity events this summer, he reflects on how exciting it is watching young kids across America take their first shot with a rifle, fling their first arrow and learn the real world nature lessons of honest to God conservation.

Mark Kayser celebrates after a super Wyoming hunt for this great buck.

Eastern Tactics for Hunting Western Whitetails

With large cities strung up and down the East Coast and some of the highest whitetail hunter densities per capita, there’s no debate where the most savvy whitetail hunters hang their hats. These hunters grew up with whitetails, honed their skills at deer hunting camps and devised tactics and strategies that have served them...

GEAR Tru Fire Shockey Release

Hot Gear: Shockey Influenced New Tru-Fire Release

Tru-Fire, the leading archery release brand, has collaborated with highly acclaimed TV personality and bow hunter, Eva Shockey, to design the new Tru-Fire Eva Shockey Signature strap-style release that’s packed with the latest Tru-Fire technologies, including a Tru-Forward trigger and Tru-Center technology in the head. The Eva Shockey Signature release features a compact head...

Slick Trick RaptorTrick broadheads have a 2-inch cutting diameter with razor-sharp blades.

Hot Gear: Devastation and Death with the RaptorTrick

Slick Trick broadheads unleashes the RaptorTrick expandable broadhead, the latest advancement in an extensive and proven line of broadheads hunters trust to get the job done. Listing to the consistent demand of diehard bowhunters searching for a more efficient and aerodynamic broadhead in flight-that still delivers devastating effects upon impact, the RaptorTrick was developed specifically to...

Bucks learn and adapt, with some of them becoming what hunters believe are reclusive and never showing themselves during the day.

Sunday Hunting Bans: Separation of Church and Scrape

And it was decreed that on Sunday hunting shall be prohibited and no one even on private land they own shall pursue fowl or game, and everyone said “Amen.” Nay, not everyone. Eleven states still have some kind of prohibitions, limits or outright ban on hunting on Sunday. Most are in the northeast part...

Nugent opens his private ranch to inner city kids for a day of
tree-planting, fishing and discovery.

Happy Happy Springtime 2017

Well Happy Happy Springtime across America and beyond to all my backstrap BloodBrothers! I know it is not quite that November opening day hair-raising thriller, but you must admit that this first season of the year is pretty doggone special unto itself. As powerful as the fall/winter season of harvest is to all...