NAP broadhead

The Best Tips for Tuning Expandable Broadheads

A Simple Solution Will Have You Stamping the 10-Ring IĀ feel so strongly about practicing with the exact same broadheads I hunt with that, for many years, I refused to hunt with expandable heads simply because the models I liked best utilized a rubber band to hold the blades in place. When I shot them...

D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt in a Heater Body Suit.

Deer Talk Now: The Best Broadheads for Short Bloodtrails

Fixed or expandable broadhead? Deer & Deer Hunting Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt answers this age-old bowhunting question that rages on and will continue to be debated. Fixed heads are simple, don’t have moving parts and have been time-tested. But expandables are lightweight, have slender profiles and fly like field points, and offer devastating wounds. Which...

Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads, and others, are being replicated by forgeries

Counterfeit Broadheads Making Their Way Into Hunting Market

Flying Arrow Archery, along with many other U.S.-based companies (including our friends at Trophy Ridge, Muzzy, Slick Trick, and Rage), are under attack of counterfeit products being sold on E-bay and We have found that these knock-off products are using names like Flying Arrow Shop or just Toxic and Cyclone. Counterfeits ship in...