Deer Talk Now: Top Bowhunting Gear, Tips and Tactics

Which do you prefer: A fixed blade or mechanical broadhead? Deer & Deer Hunting Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt answers this age-old bowhunting question that will continue to be debated for years. Fixed heads are simple, don’t have moving parts and have been time-tested. But expandables are lightweight, have slender profiles and fly like field points, and...

NAP broadhead

The Best Tips for Tuning Expandable Broadheads

A Simple Solution Will Have You Stamping the 10-Ring I feel so strongly about practicing with the exact same broadheads I hunt with that, for many years, I refused to hunt with expandable heads simply because the models I liked best utilized a rubber band to hold the blades in place. When I shot them...

Flying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadheads, and others, are being replicated by forgeries

Counterfeit Broadheads Making Their Way Into Hunting Market

Flying Arrow Archery, along with many other U.S.-based companies (including our friends at Trophy Ridge, Muzzy, Slick Trick, and Rage), are under attack of counterfeit products being sold on E-bay and We have found that these knock-off products are using names like Flying Arrow Shop or just Toxic and Cyclone. Counterfeits ship in...