Charles Alsheimer


When Do Whitetail Fawns Drop?

Have you started seeing any whitetail fawns yet on your property or is it time yet for you to start seeing them? Veteran researcher and hunter Charles Alsheimer says the gestation period for white-tailed deer is 195 to 200 days. The actual birth date for fawns may vary slightly in most of the United...

Bucks Still Fight in December, January

Alsheimer: Bucks Still Fight in January

A mature whitetail buck’s drive for dominance never ends. There is no question that a buck’s aggressiveness peaks in November in the North. However, when the rut ends fighting does not. It has been my experience that during December and early January just as many injuries and broken antlers occur as in November. A...


Hunt the Prime of the 2012 Deer Rut

The 2012 white-tailed deer rut is mere weeks away from kicking into full gear. Are you prepared? Deer & Deer Hunting has two brand-new downloads that will help make sure you’re in your stand for deer hunting’s primetime.   2012 Rut Forecast Target the best days to be in your stand this fall using...